Customer Testimonials, Feedback & Suggestions


Here is what our customers have to say:

"The sows do bit down on the fiberglass rods, but, they only leave tiny scratches.  In fact, I believe that for the most party they have given up trying to bite the fence.  I think they don't like the feel or the hardness.  They treat it much like they treat steel fence.  They bite now and then, but in general leave it alone. Not like a wood fence where they will actually work at chewing on it.

The best part I like about your fence is the openness in the building.  It had cement fencing which wasn't bad because it wasn't solid, but your fencing is 10 times better!  I can see down the whole length of the barn!  I can look across from one pen to the other.  My sows can see the boars from any pen in the barn.  If I get a sow that is recycling, I can tell much faster which one is in heat and I think I get a stronger heat in the sow because she can see the boars.  The air flow is better in the building and the inside of the barn is brighter as well.  This is definitely one of the best things I've ever bought for my hog operation.  I like the fact that I have reduced the weight on top of the pit.  The old cement fence was heavy.  It looks as if it will be as durable as you said it would be.  No sows have tried to jump over the fence either.

The adjustment of cutting off your fence combined with the adjustment on the hinges made the fence fit no matter if the other walls in the pen were true or not.

With some talk of the hog industry moving away from gestation stalls and into large pens for the sows, you may have the solution to the fencing.  Also, would you consider making a finisher version of you fence?  Or maybe even smaller fences for nursery/grower pigs.  I can see where I would use your fence on my farm in all applications as my steel fence wears out.  Only thing I'm worried about is my buildings wearing out and falling down around your fence.

Thank you very much for the time you took with me the day I came to see you.  Your product was impressive from the moment I picked it up and held it.  It was your customer service and easy down to earth, honest manner that let me know I could trust you and work with you.  I really am very happy with the way the fence has worked in my building."
- Brian Bias | Date: 10/6/2011

"I am very pleased with your horse hay bale feeder.  We have fed three bales now and I've noticed very little waste.  Another good point is the flexibility of this feeder.  If it gets caught on the skid loader tines when you back out-it just flexes and springs back.  I can also move it (when empty) by myself if I need to.  I am enclosing some pictures both of the feeder just after I put the bale in and after 7 horses have worked it over for a day.  I also slipped in 2 pictures with the old, bent and broken steel feeder in the background as a comparison."
- Ann Klees | Date: 3/17/2009

"Any cattle fence we replace WILL now be fiberglass posts from TJ's Fencing and  guardrails.  We fill the posts with cement after the guard rail is attached-it makes for a great fence!"
- Kevin Curoe, Bernard, IA | Date: 3/9/2010

"My main use of this product is fencing.  Posts and fence line feeding.  We have installed 1000 feet of this product in the past 15 years and have NEVER replaced one thing.  Quality, Price, Installation, Durability and Strength has been TOP QUALITY!  We suggest this product to all of our customers!"
- David J. Stelpflug, Fennimore, WI | Date: 3/7/2010

"We built a dairy barn and parlor in 1996 and installed your gates and rods throughout the barn.  We like the DURABILITY and when something does happen we like the ease of replacing parts.  So this past year with our satisfaction of the product we installed gates and rods in our freshening barn and a new dairy barn"
- Einck Dairy, Steve and Mike Einck, Ft. Atkinsonson, IA | Date: 2/15/2010
"The fiberglass gates ARE THE ONLY GATES TO BE USED ON DAIRY FARMS.  Cattle and people are extremely hard on gates.  Yours really stand the test of time!"  "A suggestion would be that the gate bolts are currently ½ maybe bump the size up to 5/8 for more surface area?  Just a thought-"
- Tom Levendoski, Clear Lake, WI | Date: 2/18/2010

>>Tom-we are in the process of switching all gate hinges to a ¾ in. heat pressed hinge.  We will no longer be welding the hinge which will increase the quality even more!  Thanks for your suggestion –Travis

"I've done business with TJ'S for over the last 10 years from a considerable distance.  I've found TJ's to be very diligent in providing HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTS.  I look forward to the next gate order and the next trip to TJ'S.  I would suggest you get to the farm shows…DBA, PDPW, CA…You'll get lots sold!" 
- Friendshul Farms LLC, Greg Friendshul, Clear Lake, WI | Date: 2/17/2010

"The most frequent comment I hear is "MY HIRED HELP CAN'T EVEN WRECK THEM."  They don't rust, kink, or bend.  I know they will outlast a steel gate."
- Steve Althoff, Althoff Sales and Service, Bangor, WI | Date: 2/17/2010

"We have 19 gates raging from 10 feet to 21 feet long and about 70 feet of rail fence.  We like the light weight of the gates so we can hang them so they swing and the DURABILITY if you back into them with a skid loader or a animals tries to go through them they will withstand tough treatment."
- J.A.S. Farms Inc., Albert PFeuti, Albany, WI | Date: 2/15/2010
"It's just the best gate out there! I have put in 20 or more of these gates for Lee Pattison, Garnavillo, IA.  If they do break they are easy to fix."
- Brad Schutte, St. Olaf, IA | Date: 2/15/2010
"I saw the product when I was working at Bob Demmers.  I use the post in a cattle finishing yard, whenever I replace one of the old wooden posts I use the fiberglass posts.  When I make the trip up to get the post I get a pickup load to have some on hand.  Severl neighbors have gotten posts from me after seeing mine!"
- Andy Gearhardt, Hopkinton, IA | Date: 2/18/2010
"We have been using fiberglass fencing, gates and free stalls for over 13 years and have been very impressed with the durability of all of the products.  THE SERVICE FROM TJ FENCING HAS BEEN EXCELLENT AND WE PLAN TO CONTINUE USING THEIR PRODUCTS IN THE FUTURE!  Ten years ago we had a tractor and spreader jump out of park and roll backwards into a fiberglass gate.  It bowed the gate about 2 feet.  We pulled the tractor ahead and except for a few scratches there was no damage to the gate.  That gate is still hanging on the same fiberglass post today and is just as good a shape as it was 13 years ago when we put it in!" 
- Sean R. Bresnahan-Birch Vista Farms, Waterville, IA | Date: 2/8/2010
"The great thing about fiberglass gates is their durability and ease to repair!"
- KBS, Chuck Fick, Plainview, MN | Date: 2/17/2010
"Fencing-It works great-Gates they work real well-no complaints-maybe improve the clamp!"
- Joe Hageman, Waucoma, IA | Date: 2/9/2010
"Fencing and gates are EXCELLENT!"
- Ronald Hagemen, Waucoma, IA | Date: 2/9/10
"We use the fiberglass product for feedlot fencing and are well satisfied and would definitely use it again!"
- John Leirmo, Ferryville, WI | Date: 2/11/2010
"The gates are AWESOME!  I'll think twice before I would ever buy a steel gate again.  We built a loading pen that works great for loading fat cattle also!" 
- Ken Radloff, Farmersburg, IA | Date: 2/15/2010
"The reason we used your product on our PATIO DECK was it was much stronger and longer lasting than wood.  It never needs paint and it's easy to work with.  When the neighbors saw our patio, they wish they had known about your products before they built!" 
- Dean Gress, McGregor, IA | Date: 2/10/2010
"Sucker rod for cattle rail is fine!"
- Vance and Bonnie Haugen, Canton, MN | Date: 5/12/2010